GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Lou Chiaramonte of Tampa who provided recordings of WALT from 1961 to Repository contributor Dick Wheeler.
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. . . Let me tell you somethin', swinger, it's gonna be a gas-a-roonie-roonie . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Contributed by Lou Chiaramonte]

Picture of Marv Ray
Marv Ray (courtesy Tedd Webb)
Within a year or so after this morning drive show was recorded, Marv Ray was shifted to afternoons on WALT, where he became extremely popular with the teenage crowd. While on the later afternoon shows, he was probably the highest-rated DJ in the Tampa area, becoming a well-known personality and making a lot of special appearances. Marv passed away around 1968 at the young age of 35.

On this morning show, we hear some of the Futursonic Days Of The Week package (including one rather sloppy edit) and three performances of local Tampa group The Fabulous Rockers (alias The Tide, Artie Alvarez, vocal) including one repeat by popular request. And don't be confused - that isn't a TV show at the beginning, the aircheck opens with a 1961 comedy recording called War At Sea by Charlie Manna.
WALT Magazine Advertisement
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There's also the public affairs feature Sound Off and News at 55 with one of the goofiest sounding newsbugs we've ever heard. Marv is also using a subtle doorbell chime for a time tone, and during one live promo, he keeps ringing it over and over again, a technique undoubtedly designed to get attention.

WALT had some serious technical challenges at this time, with many of the recorded announcements buried in mud and tape echo, and most of the music ringing with midrange. Fidelity aside, this is an excellent aircheck, featuring lots of music by guys with big, greasy pompadours, loud and funny promos, classic spots and great energy from Marv Ray. It's a genuine Top 40 classic!

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