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TOP STREAM: 16Khz (32.1Kbps)

PLAY Mel Torme Jingles for KSFO, San Francisco (2:43)

. . . the only place to stay on a foggy day, is somewhere near a radio . . .

MEL TORMEMaster entertainer Mel Torme passed away on June 5, 1999. Many who love the art and science of classic Top 40 radio also enjoyed the magnificent and varied talents of Mel Torme.

KSFO in San Francisco, at the time these jingles were recorded, was in the proper tradition of old-line, successful "full-service" AM stations in larger markets all over the country. They featured high-profile personalities - and sports. KSFO was home to many who built large careers from the City by the Bay. (KSFO is a successful Talk station in San Francisco today.)

Jay Marks (see COMMENTS, below) offered some fascinating history about these jingles. Additional comments are welcomed.

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