GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Uncle Ricky's Old Boxes for this old, poor quality aircheck - but it's all we have for Dutch and Baltimore...
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 16.2Kbps (8KHz)
PLAY Pete Berry Flying Dutchman WFBR Baltimore 1973 (06:33)

. . . We took that record to the city engineers of Baltimore to have it analyzed . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

The Flying Dutchman
This exhibit of Pete Berry, The Flying Dutchman, was created from two different issues of Programmer's Digest, 1973.

I apologize for the lack of fidelity but we have gone too long (5.5 years!) without an exhibit searchable as "Baltimore" Top 40. We do, in fact, have a great hi-fi aircheck of Ron Riley on WCAO, scheduled for the future, but for now, this will have to do.

This came right off the LP's, and it's frightening to hear the differences in source EQ - Dutchman's microphone is very bright, at least one recorded element is saturated with highs (how does that happen?) and all of the jingles are very, very muddy. So even a good recording of this station wouldn't shine on fidelity — it's inconsistent. If Programmer's Digest had a good quality recording, they failed to get it on vinyl.

And maybe good spectral balance is insignificant when the real consideration is content? After all, "The Flying Dutchman" was working hard on the radio in Baltimore in 1973, and Baltimore Magazine had pronounced him "the hottest thing in Baltimore radio."

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