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. . . Take your next trip with CAR, the Rock of Detroit . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Former WCFL music director Paul Christy (1938-2007) hosts a no-nonsense morning drive shift on WCAR in Detroit, just a few days into 1972. The jingles are TM Productions' Pacific and Southern package. Despite having 50 kilowatts and the best possible callsign for The Motor City, The Rock of Detroit was unable to get any traction against market giant CKLW and legendary WKNR.

WCAR was owned by Hy Levinson, who was well into his 70's when he hired former WCFL programmer Ken Draper's consultancy. Prior to the Top 40 format presented in this exhibit, Draper had tried an MOR format heavy Paul Christides
Paul Christides
on personality, and after Top 40 failed to reverse the station's decline, they tried a Progressive format and MOR again, finally flipping the callsign to WCXI and embracing Country.

Christy's real name was Paul Christides. He lost his life to Parkinson's Disease at age 69, on June 4, 2007.

[Original distribution by The Aircheck Factory. Thanks to David Carson (Rockin' Down The Dial) and John Rook for background information.]

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