GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Jim Magin for this rare and authentic example of "live" radio — before digitally-recorded voice tracks!
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32.0Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Paul Rogers, WCBM Baltimore November 4, 1972 (14:02)

. . . Hungry, and without cigarettes, and so happy to be with you . . .

[Description by Jim Magin]

Paul Rogers did PM drive on WCBM (Metromedia) in Baltimore in the early '70s. On this particular Saturday, he did his usual 2-6pm shift, following which he was apparently "stood up" by his relief.

The edited tape begins with the end of a newscast. Then, Paul summarizes what is is going on: "Hey, this is Rogers late on a Saturday night. I don't know where in the world whoever it was supposed to come in here at six o'clock to relieve me. And while I like being on the air, friends, you do stretch the point of credibility after a little while...but, I'm gonna get into the drawer back here (bam-bam) and get out some of the oldies and spin a few of them. And if the boss calls and says, 'Hey what are you doing? You're playing all those records that you're not supposed to be playng.' I'll say, 'Alright then. Get somebody in here.'"

What follows is "free-form" Rogers at his best, sans format, but somehow remaining totally professional as he makes it to 9pm.

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