GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Ray Zalenski for this off-the-air recording of The Real Don Steele and Live From The Sixties, and to Shaune Steele and The Real Don Steele Collection.
G2 5.0 compatible STEREOTOP STREAM 64Kbps (14KHz)
PLAY REELRADIO Presents The Real Don Steele Live From The 60s - 1964 (01:01:59)

. . . Loneliness is never having to say anything to anybody . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for contributor Ray Zalenski]

This is a composite of two half-hours of The Real Don Steele - Live From The Sixties, recorded off-the-air in March and June of 1989 from the San Antonio, TX FM affiliate. This syndicated program was heard all over America.

And what a great showcase for Steele - what better host for a 60's Top 40 show? Conceived and produced by Don and Shaune Steele and M.G. Kelly, Live From The Sixties was truly LIVE with pop-culture and political news of the era blended with tunes and features from the year in focus. The programs sometimes included period commercials, and the production elements were outstanding.

While Steele went on to more success at KRTH in the '90's, this 1989 feature tops the chart for the best syndicated programming of the time.

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