GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Freddy Snakeskin for this wonderful, one-of-kind aircheck of The Real Don Steele and Wolfman Jack — together!
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PLAY The Real Don Steele, Wolfman Jack
KRLA Los Angeles October 1986

. . . Hey Don, you're the Cat's Whiskers, man . . .
. . . we're gettin' good ratings man, you know dat . . .

. . . I'm not into the ratings, I'm into the music . . .

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[Description by Contributor Freddy Snakeskin]

I'm proud to say The Real Don Steele was my friend, but I also knew him well enough to know it would piss him off for me to go around saying so.

Wait until you hear Wolfman Jack's heartfelt comment about Steele, once he's had a chance to settle down — somewhat.

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