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PLAY Roger W. Morgan, WIFE Indianapolis, IN August 8, 1968 (59:53)

Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (38:21)



. . . Number One In The Heart Of America . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Always, I feel it's necessary to acknowledge a bad-sounding recording, simply because others may not know the difference. The content is exceptional, but this one is distorted. My best bet is that it was distorted when it was recorded. A little off-tuned, a little too hot, a seriously damaged recording. But, we're lucky to have it at all. It's been processed not to be so "screechy", but it really is raw at points.

That said, it's a great hour of Roger W. Morgan and his Good Morgan show, with a Morganizing jingle, too, on WIFE in Indianapolis, circa 1968. Lots of jingles, mostly PAMS, and ongoing promotions that include a Rear Window Sweepstakes promotion and a Humdinger weather background!

Tom Conner had that big, dramatic voice and a delivery that was so desirable for Top 40 newscasts, so we are richly rewarded with his over-the-top delivery.


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