GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Bob Boyer of Sunset Records in Somerset, Massachusetts for this fabulous Golden Gift!
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32.0Kbps (16KHz)
PLAY JJ Jeffrey, Chuck Knapp, WRKO Boston Top 300, 1967 (1:49:47)

. . . WRKO Best of All Time . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Counting down the "All Time Top 300", J.J. Jeffrey and Chuck Knapp are heard on Now Radio, WRKO in Boston Massachusetts.
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This aircheck was made in November 1967 and doesn't include the entire countdown, but what it does include sounds great.

Contributor Bob Boyer operates Sunset Records in Somerset, Massachusetts. Bob writes, "I got (the aircheck) from a customer who was driving down the street in a town close by and eyed a reel-to-reel (machine) on someone's lawn that was about to be thrown away. He took the reel-to-reel and lo and behold — this tape was on the machine!"

Pauses separate this exhibit into three parts. Part One includes J.J. Jeffrey on what we believe was his Friday evening show, counting down hits number 244 through number 228. Part One also features a WRKO 20/20 newscast with Robert Scott. Part Two begins at 46:09, and Chuck Knapp takes over the countdown from number 229 to 219 at approximately 55:17. Part Three begins at 1:31:57 with hit number 199 and continues to hit 194, as Jeffrey picks it up again the next day.

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