GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Dave McKay for this collection of unforgettable commercial jingles!
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. . . Things Go Better with Coca-Cola . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

The golden era of Top 40 radio featured some of the best commercial jingles ever broadcast, and this sparkling composite of over sixty Things Go Better With Coke celebrity songs is an excellent example.

Of all the soft drinks, wasn't Coke the first to create memorable jingles that were custom-written for popular Top 40 artists of the time?

The arrangements sounded like the hit records of the featured stars, and they merged right into the format. All were first-class productions. Brilliant!

In addition, the artists were often introduced by well-known jocks of the time. See how many of the voices you can identify in this composite!

The caliber of the talent featured here is outstanding. Listen for The Bee Gees, The Moody Blues, Petula Clark, Tom Jones, Lesley Gore, Roy Orbison, Nancy Sinatra, Jan & Dean, B.J. Thomas, Neil Diamond, The Fortunes, The Supremes, Jay & The Techniques, and many others!

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