GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Nick Whitmer of Ithaca, New York, for his rare and classic recordings of KYA in San Francisco.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Tommy Saunders, Johnny Hayes, KYA San Francisco,
May 22-23 1964

. . . Every day is pay day at K-Y-A! . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

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SCOPEDIf all you want is the jings and the jock and the news and the spots, this version's for you! Please remember that in addition to music licensing fees for the mostly UNSCOPED version, there are bandwidth and hardware costs for this 'SCOPED version, and anything streamed from REELRADIO. We welcome your support.
Three veteran Top 40 broadcasters are heard in this unscoped 51 minutes of the legendary KYA, San Francisco, from May 22 and 23, 1964.

Buffalo, N.Y. native Tommy Saunders was on the air at powerhouse WKBW before his twentieth birthday. He moved to San Francisco to work at KYA in the early 1960's.

Johnny Hayes was born in Macon, Georgia, worked for Bill Drake at WAKE in Atlanta, and also moved to San Francisco to work all-nights at KYA in the early 1960's. Hayes went on to KGB/San Diego, and KRLA and KRTH(FM)/Los Angeles. In this aircheck, Hayes is hosting The All Night House Party.

Norman Davis (known as Lucky Logan when he first joined KYA in the late 1950's) is featured with two KYA Pulsebeat news reports.

Also, you'll hear a Commandos promo for morning man Emperor Gene Nelson, featuring several KRLA voices. A nearly identical promo for Emperor Hudson was heard down south. And Pierre Salinger's political advertisement for a U.S. Senate seat sounds like a soft drink spot (and he was a Senator!) Salinger, yes Salinger, is there, there, there!

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