GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Wayne Scott of Great Scott Productions in Ridgeland, MS. for this authentic hi-fi recording from 1975!
G2 onlyTOP STREAM 32.0Kbps (16Khz)
PLAY Walt Baby Love, WXLO (99X) NY, April 1975 (51:12)

. . . 99X is my radio station . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Contributor Wayne Scott says this aircheck of Walt "Baby" Love on 99X in April of 1975 is complete (along with some unfortunate but unavoidable dropouts) with "all that 70's compression and processing", and he's right! You'll hear the processor "grab" that bottom end and "mask" the mids and highs — just like it did back in 1975! Yikes...

On the other hand, note the incredibly light spot load - and the promo voice that sounded somewhat like Jerry Clifton. And the hits - everything from R&B to "hard rock" - had melodies! Was this really only a quarter-century ago?

This recording is mostly well-preserved. It's just like tuning in to WXLO on a Spring day in the Big Apple, 1975. Sooner or Later, you'll own Generals! Beat the Bomb or Meet the X-Men, 99X is your radio station!

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