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PLAY Ross Brittain, WHTZ Z-100 Morning Zoo, July 6, 1984 (41:22)
Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (23:51)

. . . If you don't send me no money, I won't never be able to come back to New York City . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Scott Shannon is off to "the convention" leaving Ross Brittain and the WHTZ Z-100 ZOO crew, including J.R. Nelson, Claire Stevens and Professor Johnathan Bell, in charge.

Mr. Leonard calls in on the Hotline, stranded in Kansas City, and of course, requesting financial assistance. There's an Instant Request Live Performance, a Z-100-second news update and Dialing for Dingbats. All in all, another excellent example of the most imitated morning show on contemporary hit radio — without the celebrity Zookeeper.

Contributor Wayne Scott also sent us an aircheck of the Morning Zoo with Scott Shannon from a little over a year LATER — check it out and see how much they did or didn't change in one year.

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