GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Jeff Demko for this and other exhibits from the first WOGL Radio Greats Reunion, broadcast in Philadelphia on April 25, 1993.
G2 5.0 compatible STEREO  TOP STREAM 64Kbps (13KHz Stereo)
PLAY WOGL Philadelphia Radio Greats Reunion -
WIBG Good Guys April 25, 1993

. . . Reminiscing? Who cares? . . .

[Description by contributor Jeff Demko]

WIBBAGE Good Guys Don Cannon, Ken Matz (newsman) and John Records Landecker are featured on the first Oldies 98.1 WOGL Radio Greats Reunion from Sunday, April 25, 1993.

This 'scoped recording begins in the 10AM hour. Joey Reynolds calls in and starts his "routine", and Cannon and Landecker call the old WIBG request line.

[This recording begins with some serious wow, but it clears up about 5 minutes in and otherwise, the fidelity is excellent.]

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