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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (8.5Khz)
PLAYRobert W. Morgan KHJ Los Angeles August 1 1969 (51:49)

[Description by contributor Glen Martin]

. . . The last time I got up in the middle of the night - was to go home. . . .

This was Robert W. Morgan's first day back on the air following resolution of a compensation issue. His buddy, The Real Don Steele, had come back a month earlier after being off the air for a similar reason (June 30, 1969 exhibit). RWM's return was pretty short notice. I set my alarm to get up early and tape the show with what I had - my portable cassette machine. I pointed the microphone at my radio speakers, made sure not to cough in the background, and hoped our telephone wouldn't ring at the wrong time.

During Robert W's absence, KHJ had brought aboard a new PD to replace the already departed Ron Jacobs. There was also fine-tuning going on with elements of the presentation. The LIVE, Top of the Hour ID in use just a month earlier, was now back to Bill Drake. The short-lived, 5-note stingers on the ends of the IDs were now gone too. However, the 'rum-pum' jingles - and a couple of other surprises are here. And new PD Jim O'Brien's voice is on the promos. I am sorry now that I didn't tape a full newscast or two but my focus was on Robert W. I suspected he would be in top form with the joy of being back on the radio after a two-month hiatus. He doesn't disappoint.



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