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PLAYBob Pittman, WRBC Jackson MS 1972 (06:16)

. . . I figured out a way we can convert to an all-volunteer Army. First, we spread a rumor that C-rations cure acne . . .

[Description by Jay Marks]

I made this aircheck of Bob Pittman on WRBC/Jackson, Mississippi on February 8, 1972, just a few days after arriving at WJDX.

Bob left that summer to work vacation relief, and later 7-midnight at WRIT/Milwaukee, then to late nights at WDRQ/Detroit. Bob also worked at WPEZ/Pittsburgh before moving on to WMAQ/Chicago, WNBC/New York, The Movie Channel and becoming one of the founders of MTV.

Pittman was voted one of the 50 most influential baby-boomers by Life magazine.


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