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PLAYLee Randall, KILT Houston, TX December 21, 1966 (45:51)

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. . . This is KILT - Sounds Like Christmas! . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky, Contributed and RECORDED by Jay Marks]

REELRADIO is lucky to know Jay Marks! And, we are happy young Jay spent some Christmas vacations in Houston, Texas, because he recorded many significant McLendon Top 40 airchecks. This one has been shared and traded for years, but our exhibit features restored musical performances. As always, we've tried to make the restorations "fit" the sound of the original recording.

We've noted the awesome "Christmas chimes" running behind the jock on KILT in December 1966, but here, they're behind the jock, the Miller Beer spot, and somehow, gone by the end of the recording.

Lee Randall is finishing up with his PM drive substitute performance for Chuck Dunaway, and he'll be back at midnight, for a couple weeks or so, overnight. Didn't Lee Randall become a famous consultant, or something? And why was KILT offering a Holiday Greeting to KTHT, whatever that was? This hour features the TOP TEN of the KILT 40 STAR SURVEY, with a report from LOU's RECORD SHOP at the end. That report presumably confirms the validity of the KILT 40 STAR SURVEY.

We don't know if that was actually Lou providing the report, but we remember radio when a "live and free-willed person" was behind the microphone. What a Christmas Gift that was! If we only knew, then...


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