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PLAYRob McCloud, KILT Houston, December 20, 1964 Part Two (1:00:28)

. . . Billy broke my heart at Walgreens, and then I cried all the way to Sears . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for contributor Jay Marks]

We debuted Part One of this exceptional two-hour recording in July 2007. Here's Part Two of Gordon McLendon's legendary KILT on Sunday, December 20, 1964. Rob McCloud is the host, and long-time radio journalist Brad Messer is featured with news, sports and the Marine Report. Messer opens this hour with the 5PM or Freeway Edition, and closes it with the 6PM or Sunset Edition of KILT News.

The KILT production and presentation is polished and professional. The depth of the KILT playlist is surprising. There are at least a couple of tunes that simply never charted on Billboard's Hot 100, several more that barely made the bottom 50, and at least one that was played way in advance of national airplay. And if there was any doubt that Houston was in the traditional "Bible Belt", check out the exterminator-sponsored story about animals and the Christ child, followed by Thou Shalt Not Steal - truly, a "traditional values" double-play.


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