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PLAYRobert W. Morgan, WIND Chicago, August 17, 1971 (30:58)

. . . I never met a man with loud headphones that I didn't like . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Audio exhibit CONTRIBUTED by Jay Marks]

This 'scoped exhibit of Robert W. Morgan on WIND demonstrates Morgan's quick wit. After a classic intro to Sonny & Cher, he accidentally starts it again, and recovers immediately with a seamless quip into the new song. Later on, he fits the call letters in, one at a time, in the opening seconds of a spot.

Comments of others more familiar with Morgan's work in Chicago are welcomed. He seemed to be a great match for a friendly-sounding radio station, very stylish for 1971. Morgan was always comfortable with an "older" format, as he demonstrated later at KMPC.

He grew up with Top 40 radio, just like his audience.


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