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. . . An interesting and unexpected entry in our AT40 Book of Records . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky; Contributed by Jeff March]

This is the third hour of American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, broadcast on Sunday, December 5, 1976 by KIIS-AM/FM in Los Angeles. At noon, the AM and FM stations went different ways, but they did simulcast for AT40.

KIIS worked about 3 minutes of ABC Contemporary News into these hours, which means the AT40 breaks were a bit shorter than intended for the syndicated format. They presented the show tightly formatted with local time checks in every break. This kept the show moving along nicely. The overall quality of the program is enhanced with local supplements, and it's a VERY smooth listen.

David Leslie is the newsman, and Larry McKay follows the news for one set as he begins his Sunday afternoon show.

AT40 with Casey Kasem, KIIS Los Angeles, December 5, 1976


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