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. . . KROY's living pile of play dough . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky; Contributed by Jeff March]

Bobby Box seems to have spent most of his broadcasting career in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but he also worked in Lubbock and Austin, Texas, Cleveland, Ohio, and for some period of time, he was the morning guy on market leader KROY in Sacramento, California. This restored studio aircheck features Bobby in the 8-9AM hour on 1240/KROY from Labor Day, September 3, 1973. This is genuine Top 40, evidenced by the musical variety!

The State Fair is in town, and the big Bike To School promotion is with the now-defunct local department store chain Weinstocks. Bobby keeps reading names on the air, listeners have only 60 seconds to call, and in those days before mobile phones, it would seem difficult to qualify. Bobby correctly predicts the new Allman Brothers record as a hit, but his prediction for Cat Stevens misses the mark. Mr. Box also liked to jump on records before they had actually finished, and he accidentally gets "stuck" on one selection in the vestibule.

Bobby was voted into the New Mexico Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2006 and is apparently still on the air in Albuquerque daily, as of the publication of this page on February 12, 2017.

Bobby Box, KROY Sacramento, CA. September 3, 1973


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