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. . . Good Afternoon . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky; Contributed by Jeff March]

Here's the FM ABC O&O in San Francisco importing much of Rick Sklar's WABC formatics to the Bay area. It's MusicRadio KSFX! There's reverb, many PAMS jingles (into and between spots), and a time chime. Plus, Dan Ingram is the promo voice! There is ABC-FM News, too, reported by Charles Rowe. It came all the way from ABC on telephone lines.

The music was restored to this tightly scoped aircheck recorded off-air in Sacramento. The station was probably in stereo, but the aircheck was mono, probably to eliminate MPX noise. The online version has been processed for significantly less static than the original recording — this station did not "boom in" to Sacramento.

Bob Foster certainly had better days at WITH in Baltimore, and KFRC. Here, he says very little, runs a clean board and keeps it tight. Phil Buchanan, I'm sorry to say, says too much about nothing, runs a sloppy board and walks all over several vocals. I don't understand why he would have followed a vet like Foster, in the middle of the day at that.

How long did this experiment last? San Francisco had a lot of very good radio. But who remembers this?

Bob Foster, Phil Buchanan, KSFX-FM San Francisco July 28, 1973


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