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PLAYDowntown Barry Brown, KIDD Monterey CA., August 8, 1981 (39:32)
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. . . Downtown Barry Brown takin' the world serious . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky; Contributed by Jeff March]

I heard the name Downtown Barry Brown years ago, but never actually heard him on the air. He sounds quite comfortable here, stylish, I guess, downtown in a casual sense, but not too slick for the room. Music is interesting, genuine Top 40 Variety for 1981. Brown's board work is very clean and this station sounded good.

Famous Amos worked at KIDD. More about this recording below.

Downtown Barry Brown should not be confused with REELRADIO's own Barry Brown, who has continued to assist REELRADIO as System Administrator.

And now, an audio note. This one sounds a little gritty, I didn't do the transfer but I suspect it was a slow-speed reel or cassette recording and some of those older tapes drop oxide, and sometimes consumer tape decks don't hold the tape against the head tightly. I hear wrinkled tape passing over the head. When contributor Jeff March checks in, he'll confirm or dispute my hypothesis. In any event, thanks for another exclusive exhibit, Jeff!

Downtown Barry Brown, KIDD Monterey CA., August 8, 1981


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