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. . . totally laid back after a trip to Disneyland over the weekend, it really was business though, diplomatic talks with Mickey Mouse . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky; Contributed by Jeff March]

Doug Ritter was the first jock on the NEW KITS when KBRG-FM changed from Spanish programming to Mike Joseph's Hot Hits programming in February, 1983. And, here he is in August, six months into the new format.

KITS evolved into a "Modern Rock" station by October, 1986.

Reverb on the microphone only, and a jingle before and after everything. But what a great sense of energy — what many would consider "clutter" pushes everything forward! This format broke most of the Bill Drake rules — but the jocks kept it short and relevant.

Would it have been interesting to hear Mike Joseph debate Bill Drake formatics in 1983?

Doug Ritter, KITS San Francisco, August 7, 1983


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