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PLAYT. Michael Jordan, KKDJ Los Angeles, August 2, 1974 (58:32) (music restored)
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. . . giving away pounds of our very own homegrown wildwood weed . . .

[Description by Contributor Jeff March]

When Rick Carroll became program director of KKDJ in 1973, he discarded the top 40 station's automation and went live with a new air staff, which included several members of his air staff at KNDE (AM) Sacramento. Among those former KNDE jocks were Neale Blase, John Peters and T. Michael Jordan, who thrived in evening time slots.

The KKDJ lineup included former KHJ "boss jock" Charlie Tuna, Rich "Brother" Robbin, Billy Pearl, Kris Erik Stevens and Humble Harve. Another familiar voice on the air at KKDJ was Lew Irwin, who broadcast youth-oriented "Earth News Radio" reports and had been a member of KRLA's hip "Credibility Gap" team.

KKDJ taunted market leader KHJ and began eroding its numbers, luring listeners by reminding them that it had "less of those AM commercials and more of that FM stereo and quad music." KKDJ also teased listeners to win a "baggie full of our own homegrown weed" — a risky, winking reference at the time because conviction for possession of any amount of marijuana carried penalties that included fines and jail time.

TMJ cooks in this Friday night program, which includes a terrific Ray Charles spot for Olympia Beer. By the way, T. Michael told me he thinks the "wildwood weed" may have been Maui Wowi coffee — but he can't (or won't) say for sure.

T. Michael Jordan, KKDJ Los Angeles, August 2, 1974


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