The Repository thanks Jeff McNeal for allowing us to host some of his collection in Real Audio format. The two exhibits featured here are available in .WAV format on Jeff's KYUU Page or Jeff's Bio Page. Here's what Jeff has to say for himself:

As a kid growing up in the '60's and '70's in Pasadena, California, I was heavily influenced by "Boss Radio" and the Los Angeles personalities that made the Drake format work. While attending Pasadena City College I met Chuck Van Horne, a.k.a. "The Flying Dutchman" in one of my classes. Chuck was also teaching at Don Martin School of Comminications in Hollywood and introduced me to school director Steve "Boogie Down" Brown. Both of these guys played a major role in helping me avoid years "in the bush" and I credit them with my quick ascent to the major markets, a scant 9 months after starting my professional broadcast career in Monterey in 1978 at the age of 18.

UPDATE: August 27 1998 broadcasting Jeff writes:

"The production company is doing great (you can read my story in L.A. Radio People if you're so inclined) and I started a new website rating and reviewing DVD movies this past April. The BIG Picture DVD site is generating over 800,000 page views a month and is run by a former L.A., San Francisco and San Diego personality who enjoyed a hell of a ride my first 10 years in the business. Radio prepped me for what I'm doing now -- and for that I'll always be grateful."

[Descriptions by Jeff McNeal]

remastered 3/29/98
KHJ Time Machine (8:28)

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beat Goes On...

As a kid growing up in the Los Angeles suburb of Pasadena, California, I was influenced dramatically by the sounds coming over my AM radio in the 60's and 70's.

The stations, the formats, and most of all... the personalities. I listened to Johnny Hayes on KRLA in Pasadena and "Cool Cat Radio KFWB". I also remember hearing Wolfman Jack on KDAY and of course, Boss Radio, 93 KHJ was the big fish in the L.A. radio market for many years. Robert W. Morgan, Sam Riddle, Charlie Tuna, Humble Harv, The Real Don Steele, J. Paul Huddleston... The list goes on and on.

I never got the chance to work at KHJ, but I sure have some wonderful memories anyway. But to those who still remember, and those who would like to experience the highest rated music station in the nation during the 60's, this will take you on a journey spanning 20 years. The KHJ jingles -- those Johnny Mann singers -- are here for one more show. Assembled by long-time RKO Chief engineer Lynn Duke, here is the 93 KHJ Time Machine.

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remastered 3/28/98
L.A. Duel: Don Steele vs. Eric Chase, 1978 (9:44)

The Real Don Steele is on next ...
...and in case my P.O. is listening, that's ALL I'm on...

This one comes from the summer of 1978 and features a PM drive shootout between Don Steele on Ten-Q (God, I loved that station!) and Eric Chase on KFI. At the time, I was going to Don Martin's in Hollywood and was supposed to aircheck someone for later analysis. I liked both of these guys a lot, so I airchecked 'em both -- switching my radio back and forth between sets.

Don Steele vs. Eric Chase, Summer of '78. Chase offered surgically precise wit and timing... "The Real" Don Steele was bouncing off the walls and having a ball. A classic matchup.

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