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. . . the longest song of 1967 . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for Contributor Jeff Ricou]

Here's the first hour of a The Real Don Steele Live From The Sixties 3-hour program. It was originally distributed for broadcast the week of January 9, 1989. This hour, the program features music and news from 1967.

We've never heard The Real Don Steele so relaxed and composed! The Real Steele Rumor Department reminds us of the "news" feature on the Real Don Steele TV Show in the '70's. This series was produced by Don, Shaune Steele, and M.G. Kelly, who also is heard as the official program "voice". And yes, the show music tracks are from TM Productions Winning Score .

The vinyl from which this exhibit was created had some tracking distortion. Some music was restored.

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