Kevin Gershan
Kevin Gershan takes a boss break four sleepless days into Bossography production. The Bossography was shown on January 9, 1998 at the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills, Ca.

About the Producer . . .

Kevin Gershan is a Los Angeles native who was weaned on Boss Radio. He first met Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele and the other "Boss Jocks" in 1969 visiting the station as a groupie. He had started his own radio station at both his local Junior High & High Schools in the San Fernando Valley and patterned them after what he heard on 93/KHJ. He was a part-time intern at K-100 while attending UCLA and finally worked with Robert W. Morgan at Golden West Broadcaster's 710 KMPC in 1975 as a Beach Reporter.

During his eight years at KMPC he held positions as Music Director, Assistant Program Director, News/Sports Writer, Engineer and finally Producer for the Robert W. Morgan Show. In 1982, he followed Robert W. to Emmis Broadcasting's MAGIC 106 FM. When Robert returned to KMPC in 1985, Kevin had already moved into television as the Music Supervisor and Post Production Coordinator on Paramount's SOLID GOLD (Where Robert W. Morgan was the announcer for seven seasons). He has worked at many of the major studios including Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros, and CBS/MTM.

For most of the 90's Kevin was a Director, Associate Director and Music Supervisor on Paramount Domestic Television's syndicated news magazine HARD COPY and reality-series REAL-TV. In the new millenium, Kevin continues to freelance, in various capacities, for a variety of Hollywood studios and production companies.

Kevin started 1998 by producing THE ROBERT W. MORGAN BOSS-OGRAPHY video, which was shown at the Retirement Tribute for Robert W. Morgan, hosted by the Beverly Hills Museum of Television and Radio, on January 9th, 1998. We are grateful to Kevin for sharing his labor of love with us. Thank you, Kevin!.

Brandon J. Castillo with Robert W. Morgan
Brandon J. Castillo with Robert W. Morgan

About the Audio . . .

In 1992, as a mere 19 year-old, Brandon J. Castillo took on the task of Master Control Operator for radio station KPCC in Pasadena, California. Who would have guessed that six years later, Brandon would be producing a retirement tribute for the legendary Robert W. Morgan?

Brandon says,

"I can honestly say that all of my production techniques and work habits are attributed to Robert W.'s influence. He always took the time to tell and show what he knew. He insisted on perfection — it was that constant pressure that made me work even harder and not settle for anything less than perfect.

Robert W. Morgan's retirement has come and gone. His style of "good isn't good enough" will always be integrated in any production I do for anyone in the future. The great experience of working with Robert W. for 4 years will always be remembered as "Radio Boot Camp". It was FUN!!! Time to move on . . ."

Brandon "J." Castillo
Former Production Director
Robert W. Morgan Show
Produced, Directed and Written by Kevin Gershan
Narrated by Casey Kasem
Audio Montages by Brandon J. Castillo

BOSS-OGRAPHY BOSS AUDIO This is the audio track of the After-Tribute Video Boss-ography. The original was presented at the Robert W. Morgan Retirement Tribute on January 9, 1998. This "directors cut" version includes the material from the tribute presentation, and concludes with excerpts from the event itself.

In the absence of video titles, the text below references Real Player timings for the appearance of individuals, events, and airchecks. (The timings are also accurate for video playback.) The audio by itself is a fascinating retrospective of the career of Robert W. Morgan.

Audio Comments
- 00:00.0 Robert W. Morgan Composite (KMAK, KHJ, WIND, K100, KMPC, Everywhere, Solid Gold, Magic 106, Today's Army, KRTH)
- 01:07.0 Robert W. Morgan is Born (1937) (WWST, KACY, Actual Wagon Wheel Bowler, Fort Ord, KMBY)
- 02:32.0 KMAK (Aircheck)
- 02:59.5 Comments by Ron Jacobs
- 03:28.2 KROY,KEWB (Aircheck)
- 03:54.0 KHJ (Rare Jingle featuring RWM, Sneak Preview)
- 05:27.0 Comments by Ron Jacobs
- 05:50.3 Short Comment by Bill Drake
- 05:54.0 Morganization
- 06:36.8 1965-1970 (KHJ, TV airchecks)
- 09:24.6 1970 Morgan leaves KHJ (Wolfman) and WIND, Chicago
- 10:14.2 Married 1970, Comment by Shelley Morgan, Return to KHJ (1972)
- 11:32.4 1974, K100 (Aircheck)
- 12:30.5 1974, Susanna born, Comment by Susanna Morgan
- 13:13.4 1975, KMPC (Airchecks), KNBC-TV "Everywhere" (aircheck)
- 16:01.2 Solid Gold, Record Report, Special of the Week, Morgan's Manor
- 17:36.0 Magic 106
- 18:33.2 Comment by Joni Carrol
- 19:01.4 Commercials, For Today's Army
- 20:12.2 1985, KMPC Standards format (aircheck and comments)
- 21:11.0 KHJ Telephone Bit
- 22:19.1 KMPC All Sports (aircheck)
- 22:48.2 1986 Last Day of KHJ (aircheck)
- 24:14.3 1990 KHJ Silver Anniversary
- 25:16.0 1992 KRTH (OJ Simpson Trial Breakfast aircheck)
- 26:54.0 Comment from Kevin Gershan, Bossography Producer
- 27:04.6 1993 Walk of Fame Star, Charitable work,
- 27:45.4 Commercial success, Comment by Pat Duffy (KRTH Manager)
- 28:25.8 1994 National Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Don Imus Introduction
- 29:07.7 Major Awards
- 29:42.0 1997 - Robert W. Morgan comments on cancer
- 30:19.0 January 9, 1998 Retirement Tribute
Steve Bell (Museum of Radio & TV), Gary Owens, CHP Chief Ed Gomez, Monty Hall, Ernest Borgnine, Chuck Blore, LA Mayor Richard Riordan, John Robinson, Dick Clark
- 33:19.0 Closing Segment (KRTH; Pat Duffy, Mike Phillips, Charlie Tuna
- 35:17.5 Credits (Video only) (excerpt: Morgan Farewell to L.A., 1970)

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Video Comments

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