During the next five years on KHJ, Robert W. Morgan commanded unparalleled 20 shares in the Arbitron Radio Ratings Survey. Translated, that means 20 percent of all the radios in the greater Los Angeles area were tuned to Robert W.    Nowadays, the number one station in LA doesn’t even get a seven share. It’s not an exaggeration to say…No radio station before or since has ever had such an impact.

On The Move with The Monkees

Robert W. Morgan On the Move with the Monkees

COMMENT Comments on this exhibit, introduced on his birthday, July 23, 2000.

Remembrances of Robert W. Morgan are here.


PLAY Robert W. Morgan On the Move with The Monkees, 1967(33:12)
TOP STREAM 16.2Kbps (8 Khz)

[Edited description from the contributor, KHJ Program Director Ron Jacobs.]

I found a 5-inch reel from Bill Mouzis (KHJ production engineer, his handwriting.) The tape contains RWM's hourly reports from The Monkees Detroit-Cleveland Concert Tour. This was sort of an out of town roadshow before the Hollywood Bowl and regular tours. Label: "Morgan-Monkees Concert Tour Jan 14-15, 1967 (@ 3 3/4").

He never sounded better. Interviews guys individually as things progress. Talks to fans, security guards, the waiter who served them breakfast, and WKNR Detroit PD Bob Green. You hear him ONSTAGE during the second concert. It ends with Mike Nesmith and an incredible tale of a Monkee Chase (they end up in JAIL), which runs about five minutes, but was played first in segments, then in one shot on Monday's RWM show.

Robert was not just the morning man…he WAS the sound of the station, voicing the majority of Boss Radio…93 KHJ’s station promos and imagery…

  Robert’s voice went beyond the "City of Angels"…He co-produced and narrated the 48-hour HISTORY OF ROCK AND ROLL…the definitive on-air encyclopedia of Rock ‘N Roll.  

PLAY Robert W. Morgan, History of Rock and Roll (:37)

This short clip from the original KHJ History of Rock & Roll aired on KHJ (and other RKO stations) in the Spring of 1969. The original program was produced and directed by Ron Jacobs, written by Pete Johnson, engineered by Bill Mouzis, and narrated by Robert W. Morgan.

The first-ever "rock-umentary" aired worldwide… and,
it received an unbelievable 60 share in the Los Angeles market!

Air Personality of the Year

PLAY Robert W. Morgan & the Defense Department, 1967 (07:02)

Robert W. Morgan calls the U.S. Department of Defense with suggestions for a new weapon. Note the promotional announcement for the upcoming Teenage Fair.

(Thanks to Ray Randolph)

In 1967 he received Billboard Magazines "Air Personality Of The Year Award"…Later that year, Robert W. learned a little more about the power of the microphone.

He and his fellow boss jocks were surprised by a poll taken at a local teenage fair held at the Hollywood Palladium. It asked the kids…"Who were they most influenced by?"…

Disc Jockeys came in THIRD, just behind parents and teachers. After that, Robert took his on-the-air responsibilities a little more seriously.

Hollywood Palladium

more Boss 30's

In Concert

Groovy Show KHJ-TV

  Morgan’s career was on fire. When he made the transition to television, his fans now had a face to put with the voice. Robert hosted a variety of TV shows including "Morgan’s Alley", ABC’s "In Concert", NBC’s "The Helen Reddy Show", and KHJ-TV, Channel 9’s "Groovy" Show…
Now, see The Groovy Show from October 30, 1969

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