Peter and Dr. Rondileau
Peter George with Dr. Adrian Rondileau (President, Bridgewater St. College), 1982

Peter and daughter Kyle
Daddy and Daughter, a few years ago.

Tweaking the Optimod
Tweaking the Optimod

The Peter George Collection

Peter Q. George has been a "radio junkie" now for over 30 years. He grew up listening to Boston giants WRKO, WMEX, and WBZ, and he has a fond affection for the late, great WRKO-FM ("Arko-matic").

Peter has been involved with radio most of his life. He started his "on-air" career at WSKB-FM and Westfield State College in Westfield, Masschusetts in 1978. He transferred to WBIM-FM at Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater in 1980, where he served as News Director, Program Director, General Manager and Assistant Chief Engineer until he graduated in 1984. While working at WBIM, he became Chief Engineer of WSHL-FM at Stonehill College in North Easton, Massachusetts.

His first "professional" work experience was at WBET/WCAV-FM in Brockton. While still in college, he did the 6 to midnight weekday shift, which he described as "a blast!"

Today, Peter works fulltime in the Media Services Department at Stonehill College and is also a part-time Master Control Operator at WPBX-TV in Boston. Unable to get the "radio monkey" off his back, he always keeps a portable AM/FM radio nearby. He's a licensed radio operator with the call sign K1XRB, which he says is in honor of another of his radio favorites - Wolfman Jack on XERB.

Peter is happily married and has two children. All "radio junkies" are invited to visit Pete's "All Band" DXers webpage.

The Repository thanks Peter for sharing!

[Descriptions by Peter George]

G2 5.0/compatible TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
Sunny Joe White, WVBF Boston, 2-11-1993 (27:03)

. . . The White Knight rides off into the sunset and is O.K. . . .

This aircheck is very poignant. The late "Sunny" Joe White (The White Knight) had an ear for music. In late 1979, he molded Boston's WXKS-FM (KISS 108) from a "down in the dumps" beautiful music station (WWEL-FM) into a phenomenal Boston area radio legend that still makes the "numbers", book-to-book. "KISS 108" dethroned Boston's first Disco station (WBOS-FM) in just one book in 1980, and never looked back.

Unfortunately, success had its down side, as well. Sunny suffered a fatal heart attack in 1996.

This aircheck was recorded on the night prior to WVBF's format change to country. This is not a very happy aircheck, but you will understand how he felt that night. In-studio guest is Harold Melvin of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.

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The Last of WVBF Framingham-Boston, MA 2/12/93 (18:48)

. . . Violate Boring Fundamentals . . .

This was the end of the "Electronic Mama". WVBF was switching to Country under the new call of WCLB. 22 years of WVBF is condensed into about 13 minutes.

You'll hear some greats from the past like Charlie Kendall, Frank Kingston Smith, Ron Robin, Dale Dorman and the late, great Bud Ballou and "Sunny" Joe White. Jay Leno is also featured briefly. The 'VBF aircheck montage is introduced by Loren Owens and Wally Brine, who still do mornings on 105.7, now WROR (formerly WVBF).

Owens and Brine conclude with an introduction of "The Country Club", and an image jingle.

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WTIC-FM Hartford CT Format Change 6/15/94 (03:50)

. . . The Dog Days are over . . .

PD Paul Canon turns on the reverb and announces the change to "Today's Top 40 Without the Rap" as WTIC-FM re-positions their format on June 15, 1994. Included: a 'TIC jingle and music montage representing the evolution of the new format, "54 years in the making".

This was recorded about 100 miles away from Hartford in Stoughton, MA. At the time, I had a very specialized FM antenna system for long-distance FM radio reception. I was one of the first callers to the "New 96.5, TIC-FM" and got a free T-shirt (which I still have.)

Today, WTIC-FM is known as "96.5/TIC". The format is still very pop-based and promoted as "Today's best music, without the rap!"

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