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PLAYAl Brady, WOR-FM New York NY October 17, 1969 (01:05:31)

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. . . in the home of the World Champion New York Mets . . .

Description by Uncle Ricky, contributed by Peter Kanze.

It's October 17, 1969, and Al Brady (d. July 30, 2012, 67), is fired up over the New York Mets World Series Championship a day earlier. The wonderfully broad WOR-FM playlist in this hour includes 1969 Hitbounds as well as a 1960 Golden, and lots of great memories in-between.

Interesting commercial placement, too. The aircheck opens with a long commercial-free set, and then drops into song-spot-song for a quarter-hour. Al gets a little tongue-tied on a PSA, but overall, this is a great hour of original New York Drake radio.

There's a movie spot for a completely forgettable film starring Patty Duke, and a friendly offer from Family Finance, Budweiser, and a major New York concert promoter.

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