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Richard Baugher, 1967

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The Richard Baugher Collection

Richard Baugher's love for radio started at the age of 7, when he got his first transistor radio. Growing up in Trenton, New Jersey meant he could listen to New York and Philadelphia stations as well as Lehigh Valley stations, and the local Trenton stations.

At the age of 12, his parents gave him a bigger radio, and he discovered all the stations he could get at night.

At the end of 1967, Richard enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and that gave him the opportunity to hear stations he had never heard before.

Richard wrote:

"All of the recordings in my Collection I taped myself over the years, except for one, which I got in a trade. My only regret is that I didn't tape more, but I guess we could all say that.

I think some of you are like me - you never worked in radio, but buried somewhere in your house is an old tape or two that you made. Please consider sending it to REELRADIO. It may just be the one program that someone is dying to hear. I know I'm thankful for all the WMCA tapes that have been contributed."

The Repository thanks Richard Baugher for sharing!

[Descriptions by Richard Baugher]

G2/5.0 compatibleTOP STREAM 32 Kbps (8 Khz)
George Gilbert, WARM Scranton PA January 6, 1961 (18:23)

. . . and the happy chimes ring out with our new W-A-R-M safe driving time . . .

[Description by contributor Richard Baugher]

I didn't record this one. I traded for it, because WARM was one of those stations you could get during the day in Trenton, N.J. It's less than 20 minutes, but this program has a little bit of everything. Three different types of songs, a great used car ad, a full newscast from Harry West, and a lost dog report.

A few years later, Harry West would replace George Gilbert on the morning show.

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G2/5.0 compatible STEREOTOP STREAM 64 Kbps (12 Khz)
Buddy Baron, KOPA Scottsdale AZ April 30, 1982 (01:13:58)

. . . and if there was no Mexico, there would be no margaritas . . .

Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (07:49)

[Description by contributor Richard Baugher]

I had read an article in the Phoenix Gazette that KOPA was going to gradually switch to a more adult contemporary sound. So, I thought I'd better tape some KOPA before it was too late.

By the summer, they had become more AC, while playing 3 or 4 in a row. Buddy Baron had moved to mornings, Chuck Baer was doing afternoons. I suspect that by this time, KZZP had become the "number one hit music station" in the Valley of The Sun, and KOPA decided to go after a different audience.

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