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PLAY PD Profile: WAYS Charlotte NC 1973 (08:14)

Programmer's Digest
. . . Big WAYS, Big WAYS, Big WAYS . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This exhibit is from Programmer's Digest, Volume 2, Issue 2, dated July 30, 1973. It features the hottest up-and-coming Top 40 crew in Carolina radio at the time. The presentation was definitely "Q-influenced", so whatever worked in San Diego was now working in Charlotte. Did Buzz Bennett ever hang out with Jay Thomas?

Jay Thomas, Beau Matthews, Charlie Walker, Mike Adams, Grady Brock, and Tim Byrd — All of the jocks featured on this July 1973 aircheck have histories beyond this legendary Top 40 radio station. Programmer's Digest was a premiere publisher of the sound of Top 40 in the early '70's. It grew all over America. This exhibit documents the exciting new re-birth of BIG WAYS — and 12+ dominance in the Charlotte Metro. It was loud and fun!

This one is intact as published on the vinyl, with the original intro. The "Narrator" for this issue is identified as Captain John at KHJ in Los Angeles. I have no idea what that means, as the voice on the introduction doesn't sound like L.A., but hey, I could be wrong.

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