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PLAY PD Profile: From KCBQ With Rock, 1973 (15:34)

Programmer's Digest
. . . you sound like you're gonna wet your pants . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

This exhibit is from Programmer's Digest, Volume 2, Issue 7, dated October 8, 1973.
Picture of Rich Brother Robbin
Rich Brother Robbin, 1973

Included: Youthful hormones, volume and speed. Also, promos for the Great Q Zap and the Q Summer Zap, a tiny bit of Bill Moffat, and lots of Rich Brother Robbin and Shotgun Tom Kelly and Michael Butts (Butts In The Morning). An open comment topic of value: "Is this the same Michael Butts who worked in L.A.?"

Yes, much of the music seems fast, even the jingle seems fast in some places, but this came right off 33 and 1/3 RPM vinyl. The turntable is one of those modern (1980) digital models. All this means is that it was submitted to Programmer's Digest at the speed you hear here, so if it is fast, they intended that. The original vinyl is low level, rumbly and scratchy. I removed a ton of rumble, clicks, pops and crackle, and fixed the levels.. and was surprised with the result, once the icky stuff was removed and I did the final processing. By golly, it's a VERY HOT composite. Really! Loud, Bright - just the way this radio station was doing it in 1973.

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