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PLAY B. Bailey Brown, KDAY Santa Monica CA. 1970 (12:56)

. . . It's old, funky record time with the B. Bailey. . .

Description by Uncle Ricky

When we added this exhibit on July 21, 2002, all we knew about B. Bailey Brown was on this aircheck and from a two-sentence bio in L.A. Radio People. The next day, we learned that B. Bailey Brown had returned to KONO in San Antonio. Over the next year, B. Bailey himself left several comments (BELOW.) Sadly, B. Bailey Brown suffered a fatal heart attack at his home in San Antonio on October 24, 2003.

Brown worked overnight at KDAY in Santa Monica, California from 1970 until 1972. I grew up on the East Coast and all I knew about KDAY is that they had a custom ID by Mel Blanc in the '60's. From what B. Bailey Brown tells us on this aircheck, we learn that in 1970, Jimmy O'Neill (Shindig!) had an evening special ("if he doesn't get mad"), Bo Donovan did PM drive and Tom Maule (KHJ) followed B. Bailey in morning drive.

Despite the participation of those heavy hitters, this is the first KDAY aircheck of any quality or reasonable duration we've found. It's the end of the year and Jesus Christ Superstar and a big New Year's special are the prime promotions. Here is an aircheck of a talented young guy having fun overnight on a little Top 40 radio station near Los Angeles in 1970.

This is a very rare and entertaining exhibit from The John Rook Collection.

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