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PLAY Jack Armstrong, Ron O'Brien, KFI Los Angeles, November 20, 1980 (01:31:33)

. . . you wake up after dreaming you just ate a giant marshmallow - and your pillow is gone . . .

. . . You make the loving fun, and I guess I do the rest of the work . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for contributor John Rook]

In the first months of 2008, Jack Armstrong and Ron O'Brien passed away unexpectedly. But in the last months of 1980, Armstrong and O'Brien were modulating all 50KW of KFI in Los Angeles, programmed by Top 40 legend John Rook. Even better, O'Brien followed Armstrong, and this exhibit includes them both!

Only some irritating commercials and a bit of news have been edited from this wonderful 91 minutes. About an hour is Armstrong (and The Gorilla), and the last half-hour is O'Brien. Note the TWO "customized" hit records and the very effective "WHISPER" jingles — a Rook favorite — he used similar IDs at KQV, too! When you hear how great these jingles worked on this station, maybe you'll understand why I insist there is no reason to *ever* play two records back-to-back without some kind of ID. Are you a radio station, or an iPod? Is this a SHOW, or not? Also featured: Traffic from Bruce Wayne and News from Morgan Williams.

Both Armstrong and O'Brien were accomplished and revered radio showmen of the Top 40 era. KFI was a grand stage for these talented professionals. As to the 103rd Anniversary O'Brien references as this aircheck fades, Thomas Edison introduced The Phonograph on November 21, 1877. I hope Mr. Edison would agree that a recording of these well-loved DJs would be a worthy use of his amazing invention.

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