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PLAY Robb Edwards, WRIT Milwaukee WI, 1972 (04:59)

. . . a case of Miller's High Life Beer to Mrs. Thomas Moore of North 40th Street, whose husband goes to Thomas Moore High School . . .

Description by Uncle Ricky

Picture of
Robb Edwards, 2008
This, I think, is fairly rare. It was on a cassette in a stash that John Rook contributed some years ago. Robb Edwards has built a great career in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Google says he had successful quadruple bypass surgery in 2008. Most recently, he's a superstar on WTMJ in Milwaukee. As we present this exhibit in May 2009, we are more interested in WRIT, an early Top 40 station on 1340 that showcased some exceptional talent.

This is a "skimmed" aircheck - made on a cassette machine that started the motor when the microphone went on, and stopped the motor, which resulted in an accelerated CLICK as the machine slowed down when the microphone went off. I dislike this sound and removed it from this aircheck. I dislike skimmed airchecks because they don't include any of the spots, jingles, production, or any of the "staging" and other performers on the radio station. We have no idea what was BETWEEN the times the microphone was on. This is all about when Robb Edwards turned on the microphone. Such airchecks were all about getting a job, which is why it was in a giant stash of old cassettes sent to me by John Rook.

We leave it to our dedicated supporters for more information about WRIT, and our best wishes to Robb Edwards for continued success in the city where beer that made them famous.

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