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. . . Well, these are my last words on 'CFL . . .

Description by John Rook

A vacationing jock from San Antonio, Tim Kelly showed up at my home in Northridge, California saying he wanted to work for me. I introduced him to Denver via KTLN, where he met his wife Ev, and from that day forward they became close friends that I happily called on at several of my consulted stations in the years ahead. Tim is a great talent who had this screwy idea to start a syndication company that I warned would surely never fly. He and Ev gave birth to Premiere Radio. Gheez!

Regarding this aircheck, Tim Kelly wrote:

Wow, what a blast from the past!! I remember those times vividly... I was so glad to have had the privilege to be on that legendary signal even if it was toward the end. I remember growing up in Buffalo, and driving down to the old Statler Hilton hotel, to listen to Ron Britain on 'CFL at night. The best reception was down there for some reason, so I'd park and listen for hours. It was always a big goal of mine to get there!

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