February 5, 2006

 REELRADIO is about to enter its second decade, having attracted a weekly audience of over 15,000 unique visitors. Its creator, developer and sole administrator, who has received no monetary compensation for the thousands of hours invested in the site, has informed the Board of Directors of his inability to continue this relationship without compensation. It has been a "labor of love", but love doesn't pay the bills. To "keep up the good work", as so many have encouraged him to do, will require more support than the existing voluntary model provides.

 The Founder and the Board are most grateful for the continued support of the relatively few whose contributions have made it possible to pay the expenses for bandwidth, co-location and music licensing fees for BMI, ASCAP and SoundExchange, as well as the purchase of essential equipment from time to time. The Board has deliberated extensively on how to make the best web site even better, and assure its proper administration into the future. We want to maintain the services of Richard Irwin on a contract basis. This requires support from all our visitors.

 Beginning February 12, 2006, the media-streaming and comment-posting features of REELRADIO will be available only to verified subscribers. We're asking a minimum contribution of $12. Amounts over $12 may be tax-deductible. Mr. Irwin did not participate in this decision but unofficially concurs with it.

 Published exhibitors who have contributed "Golden Gifts" and "Collections" since 1996 are entitled to a lifetime subscription. Please register as an "Exhibitor". Those who have already contributed $12 or more since January 1, 2006 are entitled to a one-year subscription. Thanks again to those who supported us in previous years. We look forward to your continued support. All subscribers are encouraged to contribute more than the subscription minimum to assure that their gifts continue to bring enjoyment to a worldwide audience.

 A few will no doubt choose to be offended by this move. However, it is the most viable alternative available when ALL the factors are considered.

 We are most excited that YOUR web site will continue to be available to you at all hours into the unforeseen future. We welcome your early subscription contribution of $12, plus any additional contribution to help during this transition period. Click here to go to the subscription form.

 For the Board of Directors, REELRADIO, INC.,

/s/ Michael G. Burgess /s/ Sam H. Hale
Treasurer, CFO Director