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PLAYJeff Hooker, WBBM-FM Chicago September 26 1983 (1:01:48)

. . . Cum On Feel The Noize . . .

(from Uncle Ricky) Repository contributor Tim Benko passed away in 1998. Tim was a generous and frequent contributor to REELRADIO. I can't find a description for this contribution, but it's great high-energy Top 40 and I'm certain Tim wanted you to hear it.

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

play This Exhibit 'SCOPED (8:45)

SCOPEDIf all you want is the jings and the jock and the spots, this version's for you! Please remember that in addition to music licensing fees for the mostly UNSCOPED version, there are bandwidth and hardware costs for this 'SCOPED version, and anything streamed from REELRADIO. We welcome your support.
Whoopee! This exhibit from Tim Benko demonstrates high-energy 1983 Top40 - or CHR, if you must - at very high precision! The Music selection is totally "diverse" and seems to favor guys with pants that fit, almost unheard of in 2004. Of course, in 1983, when Jeff Hooker played Paul Davis, The Moody Blues and Prince on WBBM-FM, he sure sounded like he was having fun and everyone was welcome to the party. And I can't help but think it was more more fun then, though I suppose everything in this hour could be done with voice-tracking on hard drive from anywhere.

I prefer to enjoy this genuine sample of 1983 FM CHR as it is: Loud, persistent, predictable and an outstanding example of Top40 Variety. It's mostly rock, some pop and R&B mixed together with no apologies and an ID of some sort before each and every hit! And finally, if you have broadband and headphones, check out the stuff they did with their reverb in stereo... wow, man.


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