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PLAYThe Slim One, WLS-FM Chicago September 25, 1982 (1:01:29)

. . . on the station that rocks Chicago, WLS, FM 95 . . .

Repository contributor Tim Benko passed away in 1998. Tim was a generous and frequent contributor to REELRADIO. This exhibit was received in October, 1998. Tim wrote his description of this aircheck on Columbus Day (October 12), 1998.

[Description by Tim Benko]

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This was the time period that both Mr. Lujack and Mr. Brant Miller were simulcast on both sides of WLS, the AM and FM. You'll also get to hear some banter between Leslie Nelsen (The Slim One) and Don Geronimo, who was also working both stations as the weekend/fill-in jock. I think Ms. Nelsen was working as the weekend/fill-in jock on the FM, since Susan Platt was the regular All-Night jock.

I remember listening to Steve Dahl, who was PM Drive on WLS-AM, doing a segment with the Program Director, Ric Lippencott, whom he called "Lipshitz." Lippencott would drop by in the studio to chat with Mr. Dahl and Garry Meier about station matters. Dahl pipes in with "Geeze, who's this "Slim One" who's doing the All-Night shift? You gotta get her off the air, she's lousy!" Lippencott (just chuckled and said) something like "Really? I'll have to talk to her."


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