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PLAYDon Clark, KOL Seattle, December 25, 1970 (01:19:17)

. . . if you're spending Christmas alone, give me a call . . .

[Description by contributor Bruce Portzer]

This Christmas Day, 1970, aircheck features Don Clark, KOL's mid-day host, looking for listeners who want to spend the holiday with other listeners. He's getting plenty of takers, too - people willing to have total strangers come to their homes for Christmas dinner, or to go to a stranger's house for dinner, or possibly just spend time with other listeners on Christmas day. He'd done the same thing on Thanksgiving and was repeating it by popular demand. I don't know how things worked out in the end, but it seems like a nice idea. To add to the good feelings, he mentions a couple of lost dogs. I don't recall KOL doing this any other time, but then again, it was Christmas day so the regular rules didn't apply. There's also a promo for a recent contest where a grateful listener met Glen Campbell, and a phone conversation with a runner up from that contest.

Don is also playing the year's top songs, and numbers 100 through 81 can be heard on this exhibit. There is a very nice variety of music, and being this far down in the rankings, none of the songs are overplayed nowadays and some are largely forgotten. Fans of novelty tunes will be thrilled as well.

The George Garrett newscasts sound well suited to young, anti-establishment, left-leaning listeners. KFRC's news director, B.R. Bradbury, can be heard in a story about dissident Angela Davis, using his former KOL air name, Bill Munson. He'd left KOL for KFRC a few months earlier.

The few commercials offer suggestions on things to do during the holidays, such as buying lots of Coke and Sprite, or taking in a movie like "Love Story" or "Joe" — or you could wait until January and catch the season's first Lan Roberts Snow Bust.

TECH NOTE: Some unfortunate low-frequency distortion provides a realistic layer of grunge for this otherwise excellent aircheck.


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