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PLAYMike Phillips Composite, 1961-1974 (56:32)

Mike Phillips at KISN
Mike Phillips, KISN.
. . . In the tradition of Brotherhood Week, I'm going to give Jerry Kaye a promo for his program . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for contributor Bruce Portzer]

Mike Phillips at KJR
Mike Phillips, KJR.
This composite features Mike Phillips (1942-2006) through thirteen years of his career. Included, in order of appearance: KISN/Portland (May 22, 1961), KAYO/Seattle (March 20, 1962), KISN (August 11, 1962), KJR/Seattle (February 20, 1963 and January 1964), KNBR/San Francisco (January, 1966), KFRC/San Francisco (May 3, 1966 and March 1968) and WXLO-FM/New York (January 1974.)

In addition to demonstrating his talents as a Top-40 and Adult Contemporary jock, Phillips is heard with a morning newscast on KJR. The opening airchecks for KISN and KJR contain many early and familiar jingles.

Mike Phillips at KRTH
Mike Phillips, KRTH.

Mike Phillips' greatest success came as a Program Director in the '90's at KRTH in Los Angeles, where he worked with consultant Bill Drake and hired Robert W. Morgan and The Real Don Steele. Phillips died of pancreatic cancer on October 16, 2006. He was 64.

[Technical Notice: This exhibit has a very high noise level, the result of being copied repeatedly on misaligned tape machines. Some noise and hiss reduction was used before final processing, but additional reduction would remove what's left of the audio, or introduce unpleasant artifacts.]


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