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PLAYPhil Harper, KING Seattle, March 26, 1976 (59:33)

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. . . I don't know why this guy ripped off my perfectly good song and rewrote the lyrics
. . .

[Description by contributor Bruce Portzer]

Phil Harper sounds like he's enjoying himself, sometimes at Andy Barber's expense. KING, ("The King") went all out to maintain a high profile in the competitive Seattle market. There are promos here for the "already copied" KING Winner Sticker and the Mach One Phase Two Cash Clock contest, complete with vintage video game sound effects. Meanwhile, a station employee was driving around town announcing license plate numbers, in hopes of rewarding listeners. This hour's attempt produced a winner. An exuberant Rob Conrad closes out this aircheck.

Phil died in 2004 after a long and varied career. His radio gigs included Top 40 at KING and KGW, country at KMPS and KYCW, and jazz at KPLU. He was also a much sought voice artist, and was heard in countless spots for Pacific Northwest advertisers. A fan of old-time radio shows, he appeared in nearly 200 modern day radio dramas for Jim French Productions, including the title role in 158 episodes of "The Adventures of Harry Nile", a private detective series set in 1940 Los Angeles.


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