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PLAYBill Lee, WQHT New York Video, 1987 (12:36)

. . . From the top of the World Trade Center . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Video snap of Bill Lee at WQHT, 1987
Video snapshot of Bill Lee, WQHT New York, 1987
For those of us who have not had the privilege of seeing Bill Lee at work, you'll really enjoy this exhibit! George Junak and California Aircheck recorded this video in 1987 at WQHT, Hot 103 in New York City. And it's true what they say — Bill Lee does this all extemporaneously. It's just natural for him. This trait is called "talent", and not everyone gets some.

Immediately notable is the casual ease with which Bill aims to please. Along with the thrill of Bill, in 1987, radio was still Old School and we feel it's so cool to see Lee loading carts and cueing a reel. These days, all you'd see is a PC!

[From California Aircheck Video #13, 1987]


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