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PLAYBobby Wayne, KCBQ San Diego CA October 1967 (12:13)

. . . Don't you miss it - The Beatle Monkee Marathon . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Bobby "The Wizard" Wayne (d. 1990) demonstrates a high-energy state-of-the-art real-time Top 40 Radio Show on KCBQ in October, 1967. Check out that custom train bed (about 9:40) where he augmented the chug-chug with Bob Wayne Swing Train.

Kids, THIS is a "Radio Show". This show was custom for the moment with the tools available and doing this every hour, every day was hard work! That's why they called him "The Wizard" - he made it happen. Thanks to George Junak of California Aircheck.

According to The Curt Lundgren Collection, Wayne also worked at WWHY, Huntington, West Virginia; KDWB, Minneapolis, WSAI Cincinnati, OH; (1967-68); WUBE Cincinnati (1968-69, Bob "The Wizard" Wayne); WCBS-FM New York, 1969-72 (as "The Wizard"), WYNY and WHN, New York.

[From California Aircheck Classic Issue #C-198]


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