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PLAYRex Miller, KWK St. Louis, August 18, 1961 (16:05)

. . . I think I opened up the program and said it was Thursday... I'd like to retract the first twenty minutes of today's show . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Rex Miller (d. May 21, 2004) worked for McLendon at KLIF, at WUBE in Cincinnati, KQV in Pittsburgh and WITH in Baltimore, among other stations. Here he is early in his career at KWK in St. Louis, on August 18, 1961.

On this aircheck, Rex isn't as personable and funny as we have heard he was in later years, but you will appreciate his brief wit and professional performance here. KWK had no gimmicks whatsoever, and the format was very tight and uncluttered. You'll hear several jingles from the CRC Music, Music, Music package, which was very popular on many Top 40 stations at the time.

[From California Aircheck Classic Issue #C-164, June 1994]


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