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G2/5.0 COMPATIBLE, TOP STREAM 32Kbps (8 Khz)
PLAYDandy Dan Daniel, WMCA New York, April 22 1963

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Take a trip and never leave the farm! The tape "travel" here is evident, but that defect was added to this aircheck before our contributor received it. Nevertheless, REELRADIO pays music licensing and performance fees for each musical performance featured on this UNSCOPED aircheck. Please support REELRADIO, Inc., even if you'd rather hear this classic 'scoped.

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

For those who believe there are bushels of unscoped early '60's airchecks just waiting to be discovered, we invite you to savor this all-too-short and partially edited aircheck of Dandy Dan Daniel on WMCA, New York. There are many "Good Guys" home-brew "jingles", but as a bonus, we get a few minutes of Frank Stickle and news, complete with "newsbugs"!

It's not only a very nice example of Mr. Daniel's rapid-fire, precision delivery, it's a reminder of that original Top 40 concept of VARIETY (not diversity), featuring two pop ballads, a folk tune, and a surf band neo-classic. I'm sure there was a lot more variety that afternoon, but sadly, all we have is 18 minutes. I hope you enjoy this because there is far, far too little of this era of American pop music radio.

Our thanks to The Dave Smith Collection for sharing this rare recording with REELRADIO.


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