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PLAY Bill Ballance, KFWB Los Angeles, May 12 1962 (13:05)

. . . The honeymoon is over, when the alimony begins . . .

Bill Ballance died at home Thursday, (September 23, 2004). He was 85. The Associated Press reported that his son, Jim, said Ballance had been in failing health since undergoing quadruple bypass surgery and suffering a stroke in June 2002. Ballance was born in Peoria, Ill. in 1919. He studied journalism at the University of Illinois and served in the U.S. Marines, and worked at radio stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and Hawaii. Ballance's "Feminine Forum" became one of the most popular radio shows in Los Angeles within a year of its 1971 debut on KGBS-AM. The program was considered a forerunner of modern "shock jock" shows.
[Description by Don Kent]

This one was recorded at KFWB, at the station, rather than off-the-air.

I copied this from Bill Ballance's personal tapes. Great Stuff! "Bill Boy" was my all-time favorite D.J.

Bill BallanceBill Ballance, KFWB

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