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PLAYLohman and Barkley Phoners, KFWB, 1967 (33:09)

. . . if you're playing the Top 40, what are the ones that didn't make it?! . . .

Al Lohman and Roger Barkley were longtime partners on KLAC/Los Angeles. They became a morning fixture when they joined KFWB in 1967.

Westinghouse was their new employer, and corp apparently wouldn't allow Al and Roger to put phone calls on-air live, and this was the compromise. When the live show went off-the-air at 9:30 AM, L&B would take calls for possible broadcast later.

This is rare, raw tape, the stuff that was used to make the on-air features. The initial segments are staged, including a very funny segment with newsman David Rogers. Then, real callers are featured. We have carefully removed their names. As you will hear, Westinghouse required clearance from callers before the recordings could be broadcast.

Lohman and Barkley Phoners, KFWB, 1967

G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
PLAYLohman and Barkley KFWB January 1968 (1:00:20)

Picture of Al Lohman
Al Lohman

Picture of Roger Barkley
Roger Barkley

. . . after this station goes All News, we're gonna become a cab driver . . .

The format change from Top 40 to News had been announced, and Lohman and Barkley don't sound so "up" on this unscoped composite from Friday, January 12, 1968, and Monday, January 15, 1968. The date change takes place during the first newscast (at 26:21). This is a merged recording of the 7:30-8:00 AM segment (approximately) on both dates.

There was a football game over the weekend, involving Oakland and Green Bay. David Rogers, Cleve Herman and Charles Arlington are featured, as are Tony Bennett and Brenton Wood.

Lohman and Barkley KFWB January 1968

G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (10Khz)
PLAYLohman and Barkley KFWB February 29 1968 (15:20)

. . . so long, forever . . .

It's the last day of February, 1968, and Lohman and Barkley correct a widely-held belief that KFWB is changing to an All-News format on March 1st. In fact, the format changed on Saturday, March 8.

L&B seem quite relaxed and are having fun in the last days of their KFWB show. You'll even hear a reference to Gil Henry, their former KLAC producer. Mrs. Dickie Bansback and Ted J. Baloney are featured in a duet. Newsman Ben Chandler confirms that L&B are still "authoritative and convincing", and Joe Yocam makes a cameo appearance.

Lohman and Barkley KFWB February 29 1968

G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10Khz)
PLAYLohman and Barkley KFWB & Flight 98 March 8 1968 (57:07)

Flight 98 was produced by KFWB's last music format Program Director, Bob Oakes, who contributed the WBZ Big Broadcast of 1975 and the WBZ Grease 1973 Weekend exhibits.
. . . racing, racing toward tomorrow, in a mad rush to escape yesterday . . .

[Description by Contributor Don Kent]

This is the last Lohman and Barkley Show before KFWB switched to All-News. They end on the half-hour.

They are followed by a special, Flight 98 (begins at 23:53 on this exhibit.) It aired several times the week of the changeover. I didn't understand it then, and I still don't!

Lohman and Barkley KFWB Flight 98, March 8 1968


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